What is a CSA?
In the subscription model, CSA members buy a share of the farming operation which entitles them to a variety of produce every week during the growing season. The customer receives freshly picked, locally grown food from someone they know and can talk to. They are provided information on how the
farm operates and are given the opportunity to reconnect with the land and their food sources.
Share holders take on some of the risk and rewards of the growing season, receiving produce as it ripens. Members share in bumper crops as well as crop failures. In short, share holders are investing in the farm and are hiring us as their personal farmers.

How does this work?
Subscribers come to the farm each week during the growing season to pick up their allotment of produce. Typically, there are 20 deliveries during the growing season from June through October

What is in a share?
You can expect to receive 5-12 different types of produce each week, depending on the season. A typical large share is designed to feed a vegetarian family of two to three or a non-vegetarian family of four to six. This equates to 5 to 20 pounds of food per week depending on the season of the crops being delivered.

What are the benefits of joining a CSA?
• Fresh produce reserved for you throughout the
growing season
• Weekly pickup at an agreed upon location
• Locally grown produce
• Food that is picked ripe and delivered fresh
• Produce that has not been sprayed with chemicals
• Direct access to a responsive producer
• Healthy foods for healthy eating
• Access to information on storing and using foods
delivered to you
• A wide variety of vegetables
• Heirloom and open pollinated varieties
• Produce at a discount from market prices
• Become part of a community
• Did we mention how good this will taste?

Fresh CSA Produce
Radish, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, onions, green beans, snap and shell peas, broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, brussels sprouts okra, sweet peppers, tomatoes, summer squash,
winter squash, melons, watermelons, beets, carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers, garlic, potatoes, hot peppers, chard, zucchini, eggplant, turnips, basil, cilantro, sweet corn, leeks and many other client requested vegetables

Please request vegetables early in the planting season.