Our Mission
We believe in being loyal, faithful, environmentally friendly people in our community. We try to work together with nature to produce good tasting free range products and meats without the use of herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or hormones. We believe you are what you eat.

Through Community Supported Agriculture, we work together with our share holders and our farming community to produce fresh and local foods for our clients. We learn from each other to improve our body, mind, and spirit.

A Word From The Farmer

We are organized as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm. Clients hire us to be your farmer and they are welcomed to visit us at the farm. I want you to know that we use “natural organic practices,” as we are too small to become “certified organic.” I also want you to know that I will NOT use any synthetic chemicals in our fields as I do not like them. I may use organic compounds as a last resort, for I consider them as potent chemicals. We use a lot of hand labor and use companion plantings to deter insects and weeds. Nothing is guaranteed in farming and we do everything to protect the farm from losses like weather, insects and predators, but we will share the gains and losses together.